The Institute for Mindfulness Studies specializes in presentations, workshops, and retreats for legal professionals. Its Jurisight programs for the judiciary are designed to introduce judges to mindfulness principles and practices.

The primary series of programs are interactive, entertaining, and informative, offering traditional mindfulness insight using both intellectual discussion and experiential exercises. Cutting-edge neuroscience research exploring the role of mindful awareness on neuroplastic changes to the brain’s structure and function highlight the practical and consequential effects of mindfulness work. Advanced programs offer a deeper immersion into the experiential play of mindfulness, decision-making, and everyday life.

Because mindfulness is sometimes described as a form of non-judgmental awareness, the Jurisight method, which uses the language of the law to communicate mindfulness principles, becomes especially memorable and accessible to Judges. Programs are available for both small and large group sizes.

Program Topics Include:

Mindfulness, Balance and the Judge’s Brain

Mindfulness, Decision-Making and Empathy: Resolving A Split in the
(Neural) Circuits

Stress Reduction for Judges -- “This Being Human is a Courthouse”

Taking Your Seat on the Bench: Mindfulness in Action

The various presentations and workshops integrate the exercises and practices developed by the Institute for Mindfulness Studies as part of the Jurisight program. With regard to the judiciary, these include, inter alia, Resolving the Motion for Relief from Judgment, The Voluntary Order of Recusal, and the various Judge Learned Hand Exercises.

If you are interested in organizing a mindfulness program for your judges, contact us to learn more about the above topics or how a program can be tailored for your group’s specific needs and interests.

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